Why everyone can benefit from organizational charts

Organizational charts are essential to every business, improving internal structures and aiding communication. They can help:

How to create a sustainable org chart

Organizational charts are a universal feature of the enterprise. Yet, how many organizations actually keep them up-to-date with accurate ...

Hyperfish takes 2nd place in best User Experience at Office App Awards

 At this year's Microsoft Ignite, Hyperfish was recognized by Microsoft as a leading solution at the Office App Awards.  

Hyperfish brings your employee directory to life

Today at Microsoft's Ignite conference we launched our new Hyperfish Live Directory, a modern employee directory search and discovery web ...

Does Microsoft People Search cut it?

There are a bunch of options within Microsoft's services when it comes to trying to find people and their contact details. Each of ...

Is profile management the ball & chain of IT?

Active Directory (AD) is the glue that binds all Microsoft's major products, including Windows, Exchange, SharePoint, and many more.

Announcing the Profile Wizard and Multi Domain support

This month we've released an exciting new feature to our Hyperfish Premium service, the Profile Wizard. The Wizard will provide a brand-new ...

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