The time is now for your Microsoft Teams roll out – Part 2

We are delighted to be partnering with the digital experts at Withum on this four-part series to share with you:  

Why enterprise chatbots won’t replace apps

There is a lot of talk in the industry about chatbots, specifically about it replacing web and mobile apps. I often find that the consumer ...

The time is now for your Microsoft Teams roll out – Part 1

Microsoft Teams celebrated it’s one year anniversary on March 12th to a fan fair of 200,000 organizations using it in 181 markets and 39 ...

Does Microsoft People Search cut it?

There are a bunch of options within Microsoft's services when it comes to trying to find people and their contact details. Each of ...

An introduction to Microsoft Flow with Jon Levesque

Jeremy Thake caught up with Jon Levesque  Microsoft Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Flow. Jon is the evangelist for the team and ...

Is profile management the ball & chain of IT?

Active Directory (AD) is the glue that binds all Microsoft's major products, including Windows, Exchange, SharePoint, and many more.

Get a SharePoint Employee Directory with all the bells and whistles

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