SharePoint focusing its lens

SharePoint has been around for over 15 years. Over time, SharePoint has ducked and weaved on its priority features. The product has had a ...

Getting your sync on — Office 365 and Active Directory with Mark Rhodes — Hyperfish Podcast

Jeremy Thake talks to Mark Rhodes, Premiere Field Engineer at Microsoft in Australia, about the options for sync’ing your Active Directory ...

Hyperfish Nintex Workflow Cloud Xtension

Now in its second year Nintex’s InspireX conference began yesterday in New Orleans, US. Hyperfish are a proud to an exhibitor.

Get the most out of Delve in Office 365

Users continue to struggle to discover content in Office 365, due to the many locations documents can be stored. In 2014, Delve became ...

Where to store your documents in Office 365 with Dux Raymond Sy— Hyperfish Podcast

Jeremy Thake talks to Dux Raymond Sy, Microsoft MVP from AvePoint, about where to store your documents in Office 365.

Hyperfish Release Features - Feb 07 2017

Yesterday we released new features into production for our customers. This is the first post of many to come, where we will highlight key ...

Office 365 documents…where do/did they go?

As a user of Office 365, there are quite a few locations where documents can be stored: