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Published on: June 13, 2017

In April we announced the release of Hyperfish Collections, brand new functionality allowing you to collect different profile information for users based on their Organizational Unit (OU). For example, this enables the collection of sales region from sales staff, but not other parts of the organization.

However, many organizations don’t have well structured directories with users allocated to defined OUs. Additionally for organizations using Azure Active Directory (AAD), this does not have the concept of OUs. In order to provide the advanced configurations available via Collections to these organizations, we have expanded the functionality to deliver “Collections by Attribute”.

Introducing Hyperfish Collections by Attribute

Collections by Attribute provides organizations the ability to collect different profile information for users based on a profile attribute, as opposed to an OU.

For example, when someone has their Department set to “Sales” they can be assigned to the Sales collection which might enforce the need for the “Sales Region” attribute to be collected. A user who has their Department set to “Engineering” could be assigned to a different Collection and requested profile information specific to their department.

Marketing collection for people with “department” set to “Marketing”

For each collection you can customize which profile attributes are required and their format.

As an example, you can make Manager a required attribute for a particular collection.

Overriding master settings to make Manager required for a collection.

Approval settings per Collection

Hyperfish lets organizations set up if approval is required before profile changes are committed to Active Directory/Azure Active Directory.

You can customize these approval settings in Hyperfish per Collection. For example within the Sales Collection we might not require approval (i.e. enable auto approval) when a user updates their City attribute.

Auto Approval enabled for changes to the City attribute within the Sales Collection

Hyperfish Collections lets organizations take control of their profile information and ensure its consistency with organizational policies and compliance in a flexible and powerful way.

If you are interested in learning more about Hyperfish, now is a great time to reach out and set up a demo with us. For existing customers, please contact support or your partner to activate Collections.

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