Why bad people information hurts your processes

The previous blog in our process management series explained why people information is crucial to effective organizational workflows. This ...

Comprehensive Guide to Org Charts in Office 365

Most companies, regardless of size, have a formal organizational structure. A good organizational structure is also essential for employees ...

Hyperfish launches Organizational Charts built for Office 365

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our organizational chart (org chart) web part for Office 365.

Live Directory now delivers personalized organizational charts

Launched at end of September our Live Directory, delivers an easy to use employee search experience within Office 365.

Why everyone can benefit from organizational charts

Organizational charts are essential to every business, improving internal structures and aiding communication. They can help:

How to create a sustainable org chart

Organizational charts are a universal feature of the enterprise. Yet, how many organizations actually keep them up-to-date with accurate ...

Putting information first: artificial intelligence and Office 365

Everyone's talking about AI. Right now, we have rudimentary virtual assistants, are developing behavioral algorithms, and backflipping ...

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