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Published on: April 11, 2017

Collect user profile information based on their location, division, job roles and more

Hyperfish ensures complete and up-to-date people profiles across your entire digital workplace, by analyzing and automating the collection of information in your Active Directory (AD).

In days, your Active Directory transforms into a live people directory, dramatically increasing employee engagement, automating IT processes and unlocking the value of your Microsoft investments.

Since launching Hyperfish in September 2016, we have worked closely with customers and partners to continually advance the product. One of the requests we’ve heard is how can they collect different types of profile information from collections of people in the organization. For example, only sales staff are required to provide their sales region, but support staff are not.

Now with Hyperfish’s new Collections functionality, policies can be applied to users in groups, such as Finance, Support, Seattle employees, and so on. Administrators now have access to the new collections tab in the navigation. A collection of users can be made up of one or many AD Organizational Units (OU). If your OU’s are a mess, we will shortly have support for Collections by Attribute values.

Each Collection can have its own unique configurations (separate to the master settings). For example:

  • who approves submitted profile updates for users;
  • what attributes are required and formatting rules; and
  • the branding that they will see in emails and profile update pages.

Adding a new Collection for the Human Resources OU


Our customer base is broad, here are a few scenarios that can be achieved using the new Collections functionality.

1. Global organization with offices in North America, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Singapore.

  • Different approvers for users per region — the approver for attributes is defined by the location of the user. For instance, the local office manager will approve all changes to profile photos.

The Austin Collection has different Auto Approval settings from the Master

2. An organization that has multiples divisions, such as Corporate, Manufacturing, Retail.

  • Branding per division — each user will see different division logos and color branding on their profile update page and the emails they receive from Hyperbot.
  • Different Skills per division — A specific list of skills can be made available to the user based on their division. Once completed, the profile information can be stored in both an AD attribute and in the Skills SharePoint User Profile property that shows in Delve.

3. An organization that has Sales staff and Helpdesk departments across their regions.

  • Sales region is required for sales staff - only sales employees are required to provide their sales region. Other employees won’t see this attribute on their profile update page, nor will they be requested for this information in their Hyperbot communications.

Sales Region attribute has been formatted to restrict responses to four options

  • Pager is required for Helpdesk employees - only Helpdesk employees are required to fill in their pager attribute.

Page has been modified from the Master settings to be required in this Collection

4. An Educational Institution must maintain current Profile Information for both their Staff (Teachers) and Students.

  • Cell phone only required for Teachers - cell phone number is required and editable for Teachers.
  • No profile photo required for Students in Year 10 down - Hyperfish won’t collect photos for students in Year 10 and below.

Now is a great time to reach out and set up a demo with us. For existing customers, contact support or your partner to activate Collections in the service.

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